We've recently obtained an old audio recording of a 1956 radio broadcast of the (U.S.) Armed Forces Radio based in Bremerhafen, Germany.
It features a report of the dedication of a monument in honor of Medal of Honor recipient PFC Joe E. Mann of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, in Best, The Netherlands.

Radio reporter Frank McLaughlin is heard reading the Medal of Honor citation of PFC Joe Mann and subsequently announces the speeches of Mayor Guido Frederik Joseph Notermans of Best and Colonel Broadus MacAfee, the American Military Attaché in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Mayor Notermans explains how Mr. Cees Wittebrood, a reporter for the local "Bata Koerier" weekly magazine, drew the townspeople's attention to the heroic deeds of one of its liberators.
Funds were raised spontaneously, resulting in the design and creation of the pelican monument; symbol of self-sacrifice.

While a band is playing the national anthems of Holland and the USA, the parents of Joe Mann unveil the monument in honor of their son. Wreaths are laid by dignitaries and local school children. Boy Scouts raise the red-white-and-blue flags of both countries.
After the ceremony, starting at the 27 minute time indication of our recording, McLaughlin interviews Joe Mann's parents.
He then speaks with Sergeant Johnny C. Claw of the 101st Airborne Division who, in 1944, parachuted into "the field with the lake in it" near the monument.

We have digitized the tape for our visitors, here:

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This is a period photo impression of the monument dedication:

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